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New Patients

Visiting a doctor’s office for the first time can be intimidating. Filling out patient paperwork, meeting a new doctor and staff, and simply being in a new office can be overwhelming. Our goal at ACCESS Chiropractic and Wellness will make you feel comfortable and remove any stress that is causing unnecessary tension. 

On this page, you will get a glimpse of what to expect on your first visit, find the necessary forms that you can download and fill out ahead of time, and find general information about our office. 

What Can I Expect on my First Visit? 

Going to the Chiropractor is a new experience for most people. You may have heard about chiropractic through a friend or have discovered it when doing some research. Perhaps you are simply fed up with living in pain and decided that it’s time to do something about it. In either case, your first visit to the chiropractor will be about discussing your history, current condition and goals, and getting to know the doctor.

Like any visit to the doctor, you will begin by completing new patient paperwork. Upon meeting with Dr. Bradley, you will discuss your concerns and expectations, as well as have the opportunity to ask any initial questions that you may have. We will perform a physical examination and will likely take a few films to see what your current state is. Once this is complete, we will take a thorough look at the overall results of our conversation and exams. This will allow us to come up with a plan together, which will begin when you are ready to move forward

What To Expect After Your First Adjustment

Access Chiropractic provides answers
to questions and expectations
from your first experience at our office.

Patient Forms

Access Chiropractic provides all
of the necessary forms for your visit.